Increasing sales as quickly as possible is pretty much the holy grail of all high-growth companies, of all Business Founders, Leaders & Entrepreneurs, for all those individuals in a hurry to make it happen.

More sales staff, new campaigns, marketing materials, etc.

All potential answers.

Sometimes the main answer’s closer to home.

Serving (and eventually) selling to existing customers can be massively easier and faster than building trust with new people – stats say up to 6 times faster. A number that gets bigger with high-value services.

Direct mail, letters, targeted social media, even organised high-quality telesales campaigns are all great ideas.

However, we just love the value-add of newsletter systems.

Carefully crafted emails sent to help existing clients.

Several years ago we collaborated with a Glasgow-based software company to help increase license renewals (and sales) of their financial software tools. We had found that their users were only using a fraction of their software programmes. We worked closely with them and their team to send a simple newsletter each week. Every time, introducing one new feature of their software to existing users.

No hard-sales, just good service and tremendously well received too. What’s more, the exercise itself helped improve customer-service.

A marketing success story repeated several times over during our many years working with the company and as a result, massively increasing license renewals and sales.

By giving first, we gain permission to try to sell.

(Not exclusively but) Existing Clients First, Part-1 of our Entrepreneurial Approach to Brand-Marketing.

Have a great weekend folks!!







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