A ‘Must-Have’ for rapidly growing organisations.

Challenging marketing deadlines reached, pressures on the creative team lifted, greater brand consistency, more impact, greater Return-On-Investment on creative activities, the capacity to do more in shorter periods of time, these are just some of the benefits of creating high-quality ‘Hero-Content.’

What is ‘Hero-Content’ and how can it be used?

Hero-Content is a term used to describe creative materials that have been finished to an exceptional standard, that really sell the benefits of a product/service/organisation and can be easily and quickly dropped into a much wider range of brand/marketing materials.

A couple of examples – tailored graphical icons for company services can be used on the company website, Sales PPTs, social media campaigns, even pitch proposals. Art-directed photography of a new product in-situ, used initially for POS boards, but may provide additional value on digital marketing materials, brochures or even commercial vehicle liveries.

Examples may even include professional pictures of people in the company or small snippets of copy, etc.

The big difference is that it’s of a much higher quality, provides a strong foundation to any creative communication, is readily available on-file and can be dragged and dropped, copied and pasted or inserted into just about any marketing/sales/creative communication at a moment’s notice.

Definitely a ‘Must Have’ for any high-growth company.

We’ve been creating Hero-Content over a decade for lots of different organisations, if there is something that you’d like to create and would like a little help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



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