Serve The Business First!!

‘Part-4 of Our Entrepreneurial Approach to Brand-Marketing.’

Increasing sales, improved margins, greater customer loyalty, better staff relations, improved investor communications, a focus on a new sector or even a customer/location/product, etc…

There are many different reasons for doing a creative project, many different masters to serve…

However, at the loft, we believe the first and most important client for any creative project is the business itself.

A clear, unashamedly commercial focus is the best thing that can happen to a creative project. Whether it’s building a new website, setting up an email system or just putting an ad on a bus. A focus on the commercial means everybody is clear on the objective, resources can be concentrated and contrary to what many expect – better for the creative too. A tighter spec allows for better ideas which can be brought to life faster – less process, less drift.

Taking that little bit more time in working out what the client wants, what they really want is definitely worthwhile. With greater understanding comes greater clarity and better creativity.

The website we built with the Percepta team several years ago demonstrates this to best effect. There were several clear priorities in the brief produced but key amongst these was the desire to showcase the more valuable composite services they provide to automotive clients to new and existing clients.

This clarity enabled special landing pages with beautifully-designed iconography, what’s more a beautifully presented case-study library showcasing many examples of their exceptional previous work with clients.

A truly outstanding result for everybody involved and a great platform for the creative team to work their magic. By serving the business first, we were much more able to build a website of true and lasting value to our client.

Part-4 of our Entrepreneurial Approach to Brand-Marketing

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