‘So simple and easy to understand that even your granny would get it!’

A little bit of Scottish chat and also Part-3 of Our Entrepreneurial Approach to Brand-Marketing.

Persuading MDs, CEOs and Founders is one thing – a lot of the time with brand-marketing projects – we have to win over lots of other people – finance professionals, procurement people, technical staff, customers that have never heard about you and some who may not even know the first thing about your product or service.

Each and every one presenting a fresh challenge to the tech start-ups, the engineering companies and just about every other company out there with a technical product or offering.

At the loft, we believe in pictures – visuals that wins hearts and minds, that speak a thousand words and persuade new customers to understand or existing customers to fall in-love with our clients work that little bit quicker. Pictures or simple visual ideas that ‘are so simple even your granny would get it.’

Our creative work with Edinburgh-based Petroleum Experts who produce software for the Oil & Gas sector was one such brilliant example – an exceptional technical, globally-recognised product and offering that required buy-in from all those lovely people we’ve just mentioned – CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, (I think you get where this is going…)

A beautifully simple concept of using the idea of a lens of a telescope to showcase the 5 layers of the software and how they give the viewer a clearer view of their oilfield asset.

One incredibly sophisticated, persuasive and easy-to-understand picture and still used today 8 years on since it was first created.

‘Communications so simple and easy to understand that even your granny would get it!’

Part-3 of our Entrepreneurial Approach to Brand-Marketing

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